Where are Buggy's Blocks?

Meet Finn!  The inspiration behind the first set of Buggy's Blocks in March 2013!

Buggy's Blocks Baby Age Blocks

Buggy's Blocks

Buggy's Blocks

Meet Buggy

Buggy's Blocks, baby age blocks was created in 2013 by a mom who wanted a special way to capture her little one's milestones because, as we all know, they grow up way too fast.  Since then, our mission has been to create the sweetest baby age blocks you ever did see and bring the utmost quality and customer service to customers around the world!  We're proud to offer our exclusive Buggy's Blocks baby shower gifts to countries worldwide.  From belly through grade school, our Buggy's Blocks baby age blocks make it easy to capture and every milestone in an adorable and unique way so you can share with loved ones and cherish for a lifetime!


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